Friday, December 2, 2016

New Patterns in time for Christmas and the New Year

As Christmas and craft fairs near, I thought it would be nice to introduce 2 new ornaments. One is a 'Messenger Bird' and the other is a Rooster in honor of the Chinese New Year, 2017 being the year of the Rooster. Pictures of some sample ornaments and patterns follow.

  The Rooster is a good one for using up little scraps and attaching them with a felting needle. The tail needs to be fairly stiff to stand upright. You can build up that stiffness with your scraps.

Rooster pattern as an image. Print full width on 8 1/5" by 11" paper. (A4) portrait orientation.
The Messenger Bird can be a wishing bird, a prayer bird, or simply a messenger of your feelings... an engagement ring carrier perhaps? ;-)

Scrolls made from stationary paper and I also stamped them with a little picture. A fun detail if you have little rubber stamps.

Bird Pattern. Print full width on 8 1/5" by 11" paper . (or A4)
Some other Critters that have gone to new homes this year pictured below.

3 Owls that were in the last post, now completed;
Another Salmon, ... we like to promote protection of Salmon populations! Healthy waters, rivers, forests, all important!!
Whatever you celebrate in December, I hope you have a special and loving time with friends and family. May the New Year of 2017 bring a wave of PEACE and PROSPERITY for ALL of Humanity, and better health for our planet's nature, Water, Air, Flora, Fauna...We as humans depend on this for our own survival as well. We are all connected. Practice the Golden Rule to all things. Treat others as you wish to be treated.