Friday, December 2, 2016

New Patterns in time for Christmas and the New Year

As Christmas and craft fairs near, I thought it would be nice to introduce 2 new ornaments. One is a 'Messenger Bird' and the other is a Rooster in honor of the Chinese New Year, 2017 being the year of the Rooster. Pictures of some sample ornaments and patterns follow.

  The Rooster is a good one for using up little scraps and attaching them with a felting needle. The tail needs to be fairly stiff to stand upright. You can build up that stiffness with your scraps.

Rooster pattern as an image. Print full width on 8 1/5" by 11" paper. (A4) portrait orientation.
The Messenger Bird can be a wishing bird, a prayer bird, or simply a messenger of your feelings... an engagement ring carrier perhaps? ;-)

Scrolls made from stationary paper and I also stamped them with a little picture. A fun detail if you have little rubber stamps.

Bird Pattern. Print full width on 8 1/5" by 11" paper . (or A4)
Some other Critters that have gone to new homes this year pictured below.

3 Owls that were in the last post, now completed;
Another Salmon, ... we like to promote protection of Salmon populations! Healthy waters, rivers, forests, all important!!
Whatever you celebrate in December, I hope you have a special and loving time with friends and family. May the New Year of 2017 bring a wave of PEACE and PROSPERITY for ALL of Humanity, and better health for our planet's nature, Water, Air, Flora, Fauna...We as humans depend on this for our own survival as well. We are all connected. Practice the Golden Rule to all things. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Making use of Needle Felting for your felted Critters

My friend Janice Speck, a local felting artist, recently gave me a felting needle. I quickly discovered that this can be a lot of fun when making my critters. Some of them, like the owl pictured, have many small parts. Felting them in place is a great way to secure them before embroidering them. I also like needle felting the eyes. You should try it!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Critter variations

Here are some critter variations of late.
Also wish to note that the Barred Owl as my model for conservation may not have been the best
choice. A very similar owl, the Spotted Owl, is the one more threatened and interestingly it is threatened by the Barred Owl, logging and other damages to habitat. I am posting a new image in hopes of improving the owl pattern. Note the white fluff on the face forming an X. This is the most defining difference besides bird size and larger but still dark owl eyes.

Since we use creative felts, it is hard to make a lot of difference in the feather patterns.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Felted Critters

The first iteration of my felted critter pattern book is out this summer.  If you have purchased it, you can use this page to see photos of critters I have made. Later this summer, there will be bonus patterns to add to your menagerie of felted ornaments.  These have made great gifts and they do not generally get put away in the box with the holiday season decorations. They have also been good fund raisers at craft fairs before the Christmas season. I was happy to give a generous donation to our local land trust just from the proceeds of these 'critters with a mission'. Fall in love with nature and nature conservation!
If you do not have the book, you can  see the book Here:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Children's Book is out!

Sailor Sai Aboard Big Blue is out in soft cover and soon digital!
Click on > AMAZON to learn more and buy your copy for $12.95. Or you can purchase directly below.

Sailor Sai Aboard Big Blue is a little tour of life living aboard a sailboat from the eyes of a child. ("Sai" rhymes with "shy") The book hosts rhyming verse, painted illustrations and illustrative line drawings that can be colored by your child. Each page is a sampling of life on a boat and the nature that is part of live-aboard cruising. The story was inspired by the real life of a little girl named Sailla who had sailed many of the worlds oceans before her 10th birthday. Best suited for ages 2 to 10.

You can also purchase with credit card over Paypal. You do not need an account with Paypal for this to work.

Choose Destination

Monday, January 20, 2014

Making Dreams come True

My mom is an amazing woman. Here is her latest project; a dream that is becoming reality one step at a time. Her blog is both beautiful and inspiring. Her art is exceptional. Her message is basic and essential. Follow her blog Totibleu!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Computer Screen Wall paper pictures

Anyone for unique wall paper pictures... stock photos...? I would not mind selling some. 2 for $.99 or 5 per month for a year membership of $25..all via Paypal.  Am I crazy?  Let me know. Here are some screen shots examples. Of course the real thing would be cleaned up and good quality. ..none of my folders or watermark. I have LOTS more! These are all my original photographs... I have these running on my own desktop and it is so much fun to be greeted by new pictures all the time. I would love some feedback.